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(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Who spies on my ally

Is likewise my ally

  Attempted to delicately change the subject.  But despite being soiled, subject loudly resisted. – contact report

  I know why the caged bird sings: have you seen it try to dance???

  I didn't always look like this.  I used to glance sideways a lot more.

  'Motivational speech' is an oxymoron.

PostTopSecret of the Week

from PostTopSecret




Every man and woman is a spy agency of one.

●  The Director's tribute to our tech ops officers was moving.  It actually started crawling down the side of the podium.

●  The older he gets, the more my neighbor talks to his dogs.  The older I get, the more I talk about my neighbor talking to his dogs.

●  SpookSpeak.  Hell yeah! (/Hell no!) interj.  Hell maybe.

●  By 'executable,' I don't mean the program, I mean the programmer.

Executive Intelligence Summary

Is there a pill for wishing there was?




CIA under siege?  More like doing siege doggy style.

  A reporter asked why the abstract art collection at Langley is classified Secret.  As one who's seen it, I ask why it isn't Top Secret/SCI.

  Saw a headline: Scandal Rocks Vatican.  If the Pope really wants to appeal to young people, he needs to get newer bands than that.

  A key quality of life indicator is how frequently one has to listen to people who talk about quality of life.

  'Obscenity law' is a redundancy.

Executive Intelligence Summary

Hate is not a family value.  Hate is family itself.


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