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Weekly Intelligence Briefing


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Whoever said beauty is only skin deep never beheld a really cute subdermal microchip implant.

  Secret 23580614965015.0.  Toward an upper limit of five, for each word in the Executive Summary of a National Intelligence Estimate he or she actually reads, a policymaker's influence on policy making decreases by twenty percent. Tradecraft  

  Please be careful, I bruise easily.  In fact, it's not uncommon for me to break people's bones.

  Freedom may be just another word for nothin' left to lose, but it does sound better than 'impecunious.'

  Treasure every moment with those you love.  You never know when you'll stop loving them.

Executive Intelligence Summary

My conscience is not for sale.  I'm waiting for the market to pick up.




Have a need to know this.

  As a CIA officer, I sometimes have to tell policymakers in Congress what they don't want to hear. 

… For example, that I accidentally backed into several of their cars while parking.

  SpookSpeak.  Mission statement position n.  A position for intercourse in which a mission statement and mission lie face to face, with the mission underneath the mission statement.

  It's only possible to say 'After all is said and done' before all is said and done.

  The difference between concrete and abstract: if you slip and fall on abstract, it hurts a lot more.

Executive Intelligence Summary

Some graves spit back.




A disable comments setting, but for my life.

●  The best intelligence officers are characterized by an ability to operate in unstructured, often chaotic environments.  And according to our station chief, my cubicle is the most unstructured and chaotic environment he's ever seen.

●  Technology is only as good or evil as the people technology creates to use it.

●  I never have impure thoughts about women.  All my thoughts about women are super concentrated.

●  Is it really fair to classify sloth as one of the seven deadly sins, when being slothful can actually help prevent the other six? – Universal Intelligence Estimate

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