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The Covert Comic

Weekly Intelligence Briefing


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

The plan is the contingency, and the contingency is the plan.

  Intelligence Community Dis of the Day.  Let's just say she operates under various official covers.

  Gazing up at the stars at night, I realize how small and insignificant my problems aren't. – Galactic Emperor Palpatine

  When software developers say 'refer to a member of the current object from within the constructor using this,' they're not necessarily offering advice about Java keywords.

  As long as there's an i in 'deity,' I really don't care how you spell 'team.' Catwalk of Spies

Executive Intelligence Summary

They say a good conscience is a perpetual feast.  What they don't tell you: it's all Brussels sprouts.



'Threat management' is a redundancy.

●  Wanna come to my place and collect information that reveals my plans, intentions and capabilities? The Naked Intelligence Officer

●  Something wicked this way skips.

●  How am I?  According to cosmic inflation theory, as a result of the exponential expansion of space that occurred 10-36 seconds following the Big Bang.

●  Never judge a person by the color of their skins.

Executive Intelligence Summary

Irony has been replaced by titaniumy.



You can't make this stuff up.  Making this stuff up is a violation of Title 18, Section 1001 of US federal law.

  'Collection plan' – choose one.

  It's said that horror is the removal of masks.  But wearing a mask – with that plastic smell and the rubber band slipping all the time – isn't much fun either.

  Ever notice that the Korean Peninsula looks a lot like Florida?  And the similarities don't end there.  Just like North Koreans, North Floridians tend to be poorer, more insular, and have a massive armed presence along the de facto border separating them from the south.

  If high heels are so wonderful, why do only 37% of men wear them?

Executive Intelligence Summary

Freedom isn't free.  But thank God liberty is still libertine. The Naked Intelligence Officer


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The Covert Comic.

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