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Weekly Intelligence Briefing


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Non-official cover 'em dead!

●  You might think a dedebriefing would be logically equivalent to a briefing; in reality however, a dedebriefing is more like a rebriefing, whereas a briefing is more like a predebriefing.

●  The phrase 'any number of people' also applies for quantities ≤ 0.

●  It's time to move beyond the idea that girls 'can' be leaders, and recognize that girls are leaders – and that they've been leading in a very naughty way, and must be punished with a severe spanking.

●  If I knew then what I know now, by now I probably wouldn't know it. Universal Intelligence Estimate

Executive Intelligence Summary

The honey stings, but the bee tastes sweet.




Veni, vidi, vomens.  I came, I saw, I experienced severe nausea.

  Media reports of new CIA sex scandals raise troubling questions.  Specifically, as a CIA officer, how come I never find out about new CIA sex scandals except through media reports??? 

  America was not built on fear (although America is partly financed by interest from fear-based derivatives).

  The rise of superbugs super bugs me.

  If it falls on me and pins me underneath it, does that count as seizing the day? – My War on Terror!

Executive Intelligence Summary

Having been drafted to draft an analysis on proposals to bring back the draft, I poured a glass of draft, shut the window to keep out the draft, and started working on the first draft.




Secret 10028060.  The assessment is the damage.

  SpookSpeak.  Deep state n.  A troublesome situation. ('Uh-oh, we're in some deep state now.')

●  Opportunity is a porch pirate.

●  There are people who will pick your brain like they're picking a pimple.

●  As a conservative, while I oppose any invasion of privacy, I fully support privatization of any such invasion. My War on Terror!

Executive Intelligence Summary

If you're really an influencer, how come I've heard of you?



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