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The Covert Comic

Weekly Intelligence Briefing


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Persist in assisting those who insist on resisting!

  As an operations officer on the front lines of the fight against international terrorism, there have been times I wept after agent meetings.  The intel was that damn funny.

  Secret 6416.  The better part of discretion is being on another call.

  My wife thinks I'm suffering from depression, but I'm just experiencing a reduction in gross domestic product over two consecutive quarters. – Tradecraft

  If you're lucky, you may capture the spirit of creative genius for a brief moment, maybe two.  If not, you'll have to be content with possessing it twenty-four hours a day.

Executive Intelligence Summary

Hell hath no fury – all the furies are in heaven.




The answer is secret the question is top secret codeword.

  Secret 840112.  The memoir of the writing of a CIA memoir would contain more intrigue by far.

  Is it 'overthink' or 'over-think'?

  In former times, history was written in blood.  Today, using digital laser technology, freeze-dried blood particles in pre-packaged cartridges are printed onto a page electrostatically. – Universal Intelligence Estimate

  To rise to the rank of entertainment executive, I bet you have to be really, really fun.

Executive Intelligence Summary

Once you read between the first couple of lines, everything after that is basically redundant.




Given a choice between two evils, that's already three.

  From military officer, to president, to whiskey distiller, the career of George Washington can be characterized as one of continuous improvement.

  Every film produced in Hollywood is post-apocalyptic by definition.

  It was always my parents' expectation that I would attend college one day.  But I surprised them and stayed for nearly a week.

  You complete me.  You complete-me destroy my life.

Executive Intelligence Summary

An intelligence estimate will tend to generate greater interest if key sections are partially disclosed prior to publication (especially if they jiggle a little).The Naked Intelligence Officer


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The Covert Comic.

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