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James Geary

Covert Comment: Sometimes an imitation Greek pillar is enough.  All classified aphorisms, all the classified time.


Robert Brault

Covert Comment: Enjoy the big things, for one day you make look back and realize they were the megathings.


KGB Report

Covert Comment: It's a delusion of grandeur only if you can't pull it off. - KGB



Covert Comment: All that you knew shall be oprooted. 


Steve Aylett

Covert Comment: If we were cleared to read this guy's writing, how would we know it?


Russian Embassy, Netherlands (IMINT provided by intelligence agent G2)

Covert Comic bumper sticker in foreground:




Jack Handey

Covert Comment: I wouldn't want to be a comedian like Jack Handey.  But as for actually being Jack Handey, the man himself, I guess that would be OK.


Uri Geller with his mother in the early 1970's

Uri Geller's Web Site

Covert Comment: Until Uri Geller bent some spoons, it never occurred to me that all people everywhere are children of G*d imbued with a spark from the Divine Fire.  Please, whatever else you do on behalf of Middle East peace, write and ask Uri Geller to pose for a picture with the Covert Comic.

... Or ask him to bend the Internet.


The Skeptical Bureaucrat

BlackNET Intelligence Channel by W. Scott Malone.  Award winning investigative journalist.

Covert Comment: Humor that's blacker than black.


The Unpoet

Covert Comment: ... As in 'UN poet' (get it?). 

If everyone read this man's ideas and put them into practice, there would be no need for the CIA.

So please, for my sake, don't read this man's ideas (or if you do, please don't put them into practice).

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